Meet your Pharmacist: Ashley Leggett

How long have you been a pharmacist/ worked in a pharmacy?

I started working in a pharmacy under an apprenticeship program thru high school (2002). I decided I wanted to become a pharmacist, went to school (worked in various types of pharmacy thru school: compounding pharmacy, hospital pharmacy) and then returned to my home town to work full time. I graduated in 2012 and I have worked in community pharmacy for 10 years.

What is your favorite part about working in community pharmacy?

My I love the relationships that I am able to build with our patients. The personal touch that you can add, whether small or big, to their health care and love hearing about the stories where we have had a positive impact. And community pharmacies that are locally owned allow pharmacists to operate at the top of their license and adapt to changes and keep the patient's health as the #1 priority.

What are your responsibilities at McDowell's Pharmacy?

Pharmacy Manager and helping to develop different clinical services to provide our patients with the best care at the pharmacy.

Describe what pharmacists uniquely bring to the healthcare space. (value add)

Pharmacists are the most accessible healthcare provider. Patients can walk in and talk directly to us. We can help solve their problems in a small amount of time. We have the most knowledge about medications and can offer information around various OTC options that could save people time and money going to the doctor.

What do you like to do for fun?

Fishing, spending time on the water/boating, hunting and volunteering with Williamston Fire/EMS

How would you describe yourself?

Very strong willed, very independent, hard worker, gives 110% in most activities, very involved in community activities, visionary and loves trying new ideas