At McDowell's, we offer pneumonia, influenza (seasonal) and shingles vaccines to ensure your health year-round. 


We offer pneumonia vaccines year-round (Prevnar13 and Pneumovax23). It is recommended that most adults 65 and older receive Pneumovax23. Prevnar13 may be indicated for specific patients. Ask your doctor or pharmacist whether you are a candidate for these two pneumonia vaccines. No prescription or appointment required


We offer influenza vaccines from September to May. This vaccine is typically $0 with most insurance plans. No prescription or appointment required! Protect yourself and your family and make sure to get a flu shot every year.


There is a new shingles vaccine on the market called Shingrix that, per clinical studies, is almost 97% effective. This vaccine is recommended for most adults 50 and older (even if you have previously had the Zostavax shingles vaccine). Ask your doctor or pharmacist whether you are a candidate for this vaccine.

Immunization Clinics

Would you like to make sure all of the employees at your business are vaccinated against the flu? McDowell's Pharmacy offers flu clinics to help keep your employees healthy during flu season. We will send a clinical pharmacist to your place of business, and we will handle the insurance billing for you. Call 252-826-4137 to learn more.