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Our Healthy Kids FREE Vitamin Program offers each child in your family, ages 2-12, a FREE 30 day supply of Good Neighbor Pharmacy Children’s Chewable Complete Multi-Vitamins each month.

Ideally, kids should get their vitamins from a balanced, healthy diet, but this can be difficult with a busy schedule. Multivitamins can be helpful for the following kids:

  • Kids who don’t eat regular, well-balanced meals
  • Finicky eaters who don’t eat healthy foods
  • Kids eating a lot of fast foods, convenience foods, and processed foods
  • Kids who drink carbonated sodas, which can affect the absorption of vitamins and minerals

Call us at 252-826-4137 or stop by McDowell’s Pharmacy to talk to a pharmacist about this FREE program. We are committed to helping keep the children of our community happy and healthy!