Frequently asked questions:

Q: Why is my copay different this time?

A: Your insurance company determines what your copay is each time you fill a prescription. Copays can change throughout the year depending on if you have a deductible to meet, if you are in the donut hole, or if you are in the catastrophic phase. We are always happy to help clarify any changes in your copays!

Q: Do you accept all types of insurance?

A: We accept almost all types of insurance. Feel free to ask us if you have any questions about using your insurance card at our pharmacy.

Q: How can I get all my medicine to run out at the same time so I only have to come to the pharmacy once a month?

A: Stop by or call us, and we can “sync” your medications to run out at the same time each month. It may take a few months, but we will do all the work for you!

Q: Do you give vaccinations at your pharmacy?

A: We provide flu shots during flu season (August – May). We have shingles and pneumonia vaccines available all year long! You do NOT need a prescription for the flu, shingles, or pneumonia vaccines.

Q: Do you have diabetic testing supplies at your pharmacy?

A: Yes, we have numerous different brands of diabetic testing supplies. We can bill your insurance for you so they can cover these items. We are always happy to show you how to use any new supplies that you receive.

Q: Do you have medical equipment in stock?

A: Yes, we have canes, walkers, braces, bathroom supplies, diabetic shoes, and more! We can even bill Medicare or Medicaid for certain items to save you money.

Q: Do you provide medication reviews?

A: Yes, we will be glad to go over your medications with you, and we will do it for FREE.

Q: How do I transfer my prescriptions to McDowell’s Pharmacy from another pharmacy?

A: All you have to do is call us and we will contact the pharmacy you are currently using and transfer your prescriptions to McDowell’s Pharmacy. We will do all the work for you, and we can have it done in just one day!

Q: Sometimes I forget to call in my refills during the day. What should I do?

A: We have a mobile app that allows you to submit refills 24/7. Search “McDowell’s Pharmacy” in your Android or iPhone app store, download the app, and start refilling your prescriptions. It’s that simple!