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McDowell's Pharmacy

Scotland Neck, NC

Rocky Mount Medical Park Pharmacy

Rocky Mount, NC

MAC Pack services are provided by our family-owned pharmacies, McDowell’s Pharmacy in Scotland Neck, NC and Rocky Mount Medical Park Pharmacy in Rocky Mount, NC. 


Prescription MAC Packs are currently available in Halifax, Nash, Edgecombe, and Martin Counties. MAC Packs for supplements are available for purchase on this site and can be shipped across the US!

Why MAC Pack?

Our unique Medication Management Solution that will simplify your life - watch the video to learn more!

Your medications sorted by date and time, verified by your Clinical Pharmacist, and delivered to you for free!

You are more than just a number when you join the MAC Pack, you are family.  We will ensure that your medications are organized, effective, and affordable. We strive to simplify your medication regimen through a personalized approach so that you can spend more time doing what you love. ​


We offer a variety of services to both our patients and our partners.  

Our Services


Custom Packaging

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Vitamin Selection

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Years in the Community


Full Time Staff


Happy Customers




"Excellent customer service. As an out of state medical provider I have never been more impressed with the level of professionalism from a pharmacy. Sara went above and beyond and never got upset that I called her like 5 times. Impressive. Keep up the good work!"

"These guys rock!! They are always super polite and know you by name but it's much more than that. They are always available to help, they are never too busy to take the time to help you with your concerns and questions. I may call 3 times in a day, they are never aggravated or short with me, they understand. They go above and beyond and have a genuine concern for their customers health. I personally take great comfort in knowing I have Rocky Mount Medical Park Pharmacy as a resource! Thanks guys!!"

"I go to McDowell's because they treat me like family and they look out for my health. They make sure that all my medicines do not interact with each other. They make sure that what I get is prescribed to suit me. It is much easier for me to take with me taking my pills out of the MAC Pack than before. my doctor has taken a great notice in the change of my health and especially my A1C because I am taking my medicine as they prescribed it instead of guessing how they prescribed it. The MAC Pack has changed my life tremendously. It has made it more easy for me to handle my medicines and it has made it easier on me when I am going out of town. It has even made it easier on me when I am going to a new doctor because all I have to bring is a piece of paper instead of having to lug that big bag."

Success Stories


Our Addresses

Rocky Mount Medical Park Pharmacy

901 N Winstead Ave #100

Rocky Mount, NC 27804


McDowell's Pharmacy

1004 Main St.

Scotland Neck, NC 27874


Opening Hours

Rocky Mount, NC

Monday – Friday  8:30 AM – 6 PM

Saturday    8:30 AM – 1 PM

Scotland Neck, NC

Monday – Friday  9 AM – 5:30 PM

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